Elect Marvin Meissner Camillus First Ward Councilor

Elect Marvin Meissner First Ward

Elect Marv Meissner
Camillus 1st Ward Town Councilor on
Tuesday, November 5, 2013!

•Management education & experience
• proven problem solving skills
• people-friendly approach...

Marv Meissner Means Business For Camillus.

Endorsed by Veterans' Party.

"Oct.1. 2013: The present Town management is entertaining budget requests of 1.5-2% increases in almost all departments. If you are a retiree, did you receive that kind of increase in your monthly checks, to cover higher property taxes? If you drive back and forth to work every day, has the cost of filling your tank been reduced by two percent so you don't mind the increase in your property taxes? If you want to stay in your home in Camillus, will it be possible if your property taxes jump 10 percent in 5 years?
"I believe all of Camillus's departments should be finding ways to cut 5% from their budgets, this year and next, not growing them." -- Marv Meissner

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"I think Marv Meissner will be an excellent representative of the people of Camillus 1st Ward. His business and management experience will be tremendous assets to our Town Board. ”

-- Diane Dwire,
Former Town Councilor

Help Elect Marv Meissner. Please donate to his campaign. Send a check payable to the Camillus Democratic Committee, with a memo "for Marv", to Bob Armstrong, 3220 Armstrong Rd., Warners, NY 13164.Thank You!
    -- Marv Meissner


"The Town of Camillus is an enterprise with a budget close to $17 million a year. When we take emotion out of the equation, and we just look at facts and numbers, the truth is that if we want to preserve or enhance services to residents and businesses, while offering our residents some property tax relief, I am the best choice for First Ward Town Councilor because of my experience in eliminating wasteful spending without cutting jobs or services. A vote for me is a vote for the future of Camillus."
    -- Marv Meissner

Are your taxes the same, or more than they were in 2011? Camillus's Town Board has decided it's ok to raise your taxes up to 2% a year. Is that ok with you?

MARVIN MEISSNER SAYS: "...the town's costs can be reduced 5 percent annually, for the next few years, without sacrificing the level or quality of service...It should be feasible to maintain or enhance services without constantly increasing taxes."

Marv's Committment To You:

  • Transparent and open government
  • Responsiveness to constituents
  • Fiscal responsibility and accountability
  • Efficiency (doing things with minimal time and waste) and Effectiveness (getting the results that are expected.)

Election Information:

The General Election will be held on Tuesday, November 5, 2013. The polls will be open from 6 am until 9 pm. Click here to check on your voter registration and to find your polling place.

To Visit the Board of Elections Web Site, click here. T

To get an absentee ballot, or to find the deadlines for this, click here.

About Marvin Meissner: Marv put himself through college, earning a BS in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University and then later, while working full time, a MBA from Syracuse University.

For 29+ years he was involved with continuous improvement at Albany International, a $1 billion corporation.

He is a Six Sigma black belt, an expert in saving money by reducing waste.

Currently as Director of Continuing Education for SUNYIT, Marv is responsible for 6 programs and 20 people. He plays a key facilitating role in economic development with The Global Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CGAM), a 501c-3non profit partnership between the Hudson and Mohawk Valleys with the objective of revitalizing manufacturing in these areas of NY State. CGAM has recently received a $15 million grant to perform its mission.

Marv has been a resident of Camillus since 2007. He is married with adult children; one daughter attended and graduated from West Genesee Senior High School. Marv was formerly the Cortland County Campaign Chair for United Way and a former Board President of the Family Health Network of CNY.
Marv Meissner is endorsed by the Veteran's Party, the Democratic Party and the Working Family party.

Marv is a connoisseur of hot dogs. His favorite vehicle is his Harley Davidson Sportster.  He is partial to the West Genesee Wildcats, and the Syracuse Orange. To contact Marv, please email: marvmeissner@gmail.com.

On November 5, 2013, Please Vote & Elect
Marvin Meissner as Camillus 1st Ward Councilor.

©2009-13 Marv Meissner. All rights reserved. Marv Meissner is running for Town of Camillus First Ward Town Counilor election.He believes Town of Camillus spending can be cut by 5% a year over the next several years, while still maintaining or enhancing the quality of services to residents and businesses in Camillus. The savings will come from increased efficiency, waste identification and reduction and increased efficiency. Vote for Marvin Meissner on Tuesday, November 5, 2013. Marv Meissner consulting, based near Syracuse, NY, helps companies increase their profitability through Six Sigma, Quality Systems, Continuous Improvement, Kaizen Events, with on site corporate consultation, audits, evaluation and training, and off site seminars, workshops, and retreats. Key Words: Six Sigma training, Six Sigma seminars, Process Improvement, Six Sigma consulting, Six Sigma consultant, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma Green Belt events, Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt, continuous improvement training, quality systems, continuous improvement, Problem Solving, Kaizen Events, Marv Meissner Consulting, Marv Meissner Director of Worldwide Quality, Business Consultant. Web site created by Dana Johnston of Branding Tools.