Elect Marvin Meissner Camillus First Ward Councilor

Marv Meissner, a quality and continuous improvement expert, is an avid Mets Fan.

About Marv Meissner

Career: Marv Meissner is currently Director of Continuing Education for SUNYIT. He is responsible for 6 programs and 20 people. Marv plays a key facilitating role in economic development with The Global Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CGAM), a 501c-3non profit partnership between the Hudson and Mohawk Valleys with the objective of revitalizing manufacturing in these areas of NY State. CGAM has recently received a $15 million grant to perform its mission.

Prior to joining SUNYIT, Marv had 35 years experience in improving both manufacturing and transactional processes. Among his accomplishments was holding the post of Director of Global Quality Development and Training at a $1 billion multinational corporation, where he was responsible for developing quality systems and training personnel in 40 sites in 15 countries.

Marv advanced from leading shop floor process improvement teams, to leading the transition to Total Quality Management (TQM) in one facility which became a center of excellence for the corporation, to leading material yield projects resulting in up to $500,000 annual profit enhancement, to leading continuous improvement globally.

He was the Change Management Team Leader for a $40M special project team that successfully implemented SAP Enterprise Resource Planning software at his company.

In his quality career, Marv travelled to sites in the United States, Mexico, Canada, South America, Europe, Korea, Australia and China to provide consulting and education/training services.

Marv Meissner, MBA Syracuse U, BSChemEng Clarkson U

Marv's career progression included Process Engineer, Production Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Training Manager, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Worldwide Total Quality Assurance Coordinator and Director of Global Quality System Development and Training.

To contact Marv Meissner:
email: marvmeissner@gmail.com
phone: 607.745.8354

“Marv is an extremely competent and knowledgeable individual with outstanding interpersonal skills. He stays current and easily assimilates and adapts to changing philosphies, tools and techniques.”

--February 26, 2009 Bill Harvey, Vice President, Manufacturing, Albany International

Marv has developed dozens of courses and has educated/trained thousands of people, from the shop floor to the board room, in both technical and non-technical areas using adult learning principles. He educated/trained in excess of 5,000 people with a participant satisfaction rate of 99.5%. He is enthusiastic about utilizing the Training Within Industry (TWI) methodology.

As a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Marv teaches all Lean Six Sigma tools.

Marv has trained 400 Green Belts to become proficient in both statistical and non-statistical tools. He has personally led or coordinated 175 Green Belt projects with an annual profit impact of $12 million. He has trained hundreds of Yellow Belts to proficiency in non-statistical tools.

Marv has also been an instructor for Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3) and SUNY Cortland. Marv has consistently been judged as "excellent" by his students.

Marv put himself through college, earning a BS Degree in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University and a Masters in Business Administration from Syracuse University.

Marv Meissner is available to collaborate in a consulting capacity to establish a complete Lean Six Sigma system and/or provide training for employees in some or all of the associated tools, depending on a company's needs in both manufacturing and transactional, administrative, process environments.

"I have taken training with Marv directly and have also noticed the impact when he works with others in the company. He has been a key individual who plans and implements training in a large multinational corporation that is enormously dependent on the quality of its products. Whether it be the production people who make the products or the technical people who design, improve and trouble-shoot the processes, Marv's training in areas like Six Sigma and Kepner Tregoe ... brought synergy by providing people with understanding and methods suited to their various roles. Following training, plant departments show enthusiasm and effectiveness persuing cost reduction or quality improvement ideas based on the concepts they have learned.”

--February 6, 2009
Randolph Rahn, Process Engineer, Albany International

©2009-2013 Marvin Meissner. All rights reserved. Marv Meissner is running for Town of Camillus First Ward Town Counilor election.He believes Town of Camillus spending can be cut by 5% a year over the next several years, while still maintaining or enhancing the quality of services to residents and businesses in Camillus. The savings will come from increased efficiency, waste identification and reduction and increased efficiency. Vote for Marvin Meissner on Tuesday, November 5, 2013. Marv Meissner consulting, based near Syracuse, NY, helps companies increase their profitability through Six Sigma, Quality Systems, Continuous Improvement, Kaizen Events, with on site corporate consultation, audits, evaluation and training, and off site seminars, workshops, and retreats. Key Words: Six Sigma training, Six Sigma seminars, Process Improvement, Six Sigma consulting, Six Sigma consultant, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma Green Belt events, Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt, continuous improvement training, quality systems, continuous improvement, Problem Solving, Kaizen Events, Marv Meissner Consulting, Marv Meissner Director of Worldwide Quality, Business Consultant. Web site created by Dana Johnston of Branding Tools.