Elect Marvin Meissner Camillus First Ward Councilor

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Marv Meissner, a quality and continuous improvement expert, is an avid Mets Fan.










©2009-13 Marv Meissner. All rights reserved. Marv Meissner is running for Town of Camillus First Ward Town Counilor election.He believes Town of Camillus spending can be cut by 5% a year over the next several years, while still maintaining or enhancing the quality of services to residents and businesses in Camillus. The savings will come from increased efficiency, waste identification and reduction and increased efficiency. Vote for Marvin Meissner on Tuesday, November 5, 2013. Marv Meissner consulting, based near Syracuse, NY, helps companies increase their profitability through Six Sigma, Quality Systems, Continuous Improvement, Kaizen Events, with on site corporate consultation, audits, evaluation and training, and off site seminars, workshops, and retreats. Key Words: Six Sigma training, Six Sigma seminars, Process Improvement, Six Sigma consulting, Six Sigma consultant, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma Green Belt events, Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt, continuous improvement training, quality systems, continuous improvement, Problem Solving, Kaizen Events, Marv Meissner Consulting, Marv Meissner Director of Worldwide Quality, Business Consultant. Web site created by Dana Johnston of Branding Tools.