"Employees are the only asset that increases in value with investment. As soon as you invest in any other asset, it immediately begins to depreciate in value."
--Marv Meissner

Marv Meissner on Education and Training:

"Education and training are frequently seen as costs rather than as a way to increase the value of the organization’s people assets.

"There is a large difference between educating and training adults and educating and training young people. We are familiar with the tools and techniques used in our school systems and try to emulate them in the workplace with less than ideal results.

"A different set of tools and techniques are needed to educate and train adults.

"You will note that I always use the words training and education together but I don’t interchange them. I see them as the two sides of the same coin.

"Education is teaching the 'why' while training is teaching the 'how.'

"Both are necessary to provide the student with the tools for success.

"We always train but we don’t always educate. Giving people just training limits their understanding of the system and does not prepare them to solve by themselves problems which may arise."

--Marv Meissner

Education and training are frequently seen as costs rather than as a way to increase the value of the organization’s people assets.
-- Marv Meissner

Learning is not compulsory... neither is survival.
--W. Edwards Deming (1900 - 1993)

"Everyone agrees that education and training are important, but when things get slow, many companies cut back on education and training instead of recognizing it as an opportunity to prepare for and create greater profitability. Big mistake."
-- Marv Meissner



Training Modalities:

Marv Meissner is available to collaborate with you in a consulting capacity to establish a complete team structure and/or provide training for your employees in the associated tools.

T3 - Train the Trainer
Effective trainers are developed not born. They need to understand adult learning principles,. They need to know how to accomodate the 3 Learning Styles. In addition, effetive trainers have excellent presentation skills.

TWI (Training Within Industry).

TWI was developed during WWII to educate and train a wartime workforce efficiently and effectively.

After the war, the use of TWI all but disappeared. The effectiveness of the TWI approach has been studied by management experts since then. As a result, during the past decade, TWI has been resurrected, with impressive outcomes. TWI is simply the best way to educate and train a company’s workforce.


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